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Top 10 Ways to Waste Your Time Looking for a Cruise Ship Job

Top 10

Number 10...
Falling for a "no risk" guarantee. I got burned by this one. It's one of the biggest scams out there. Anyone that guarantees that everyone who reads their grossly overpriced information will get a job on a ship is blowing smoke. Think about it. That's an absurd claim. They promise to refund your money if you don't get a job. All you have to do is send copies of five rejection letters. Guess won't get rejection letters. No company, cruise line or otherwise, feels any obligation to respond to an unsolicited application.
Number 9...
Emailing or calling cruise lines asking for more info such as job requirements, current openings, etc. The Human Resources departments get too many inquires to manage. Most companies have a detailed recorded message that you will be connected to imediately if you mention employment. It would not be a bad idea to check out a few but not necessary.
Number 8...
Emailing your resume or CV to the cruise lines. The strategy that I suggest is to mail your application packages (resume or CV, letter, photo, etc.). Wait about a week and complete the online applications. Reference the fact that you mailed a package when and to whom.
Number 7...
Emailing your resume or CV to me. I am not involved with the hiring process. In spite of my saying this, I get 5-10 emails per day. No doubt I am listed in one or more of the less than accurate publications or web sites.
Number 6...
Posting your resume online. There are enough people applying directly to the cruise lines that they don't need to surf the web for candidates. If posting online were effective, I would offer it here.
Number 5...
Buying an "official application form" There is no such thing. If you are hired or you attend an interview you will be given an application form to fill out. This is to get your numbers and vital statistics on record.
Number 4...
Posting an "official application form" online. Since there is no such thing, no one is surfing the web for it.
Number 3...
Buying a list of current job openings. Since most jobs are filled almost as soon as they become vacant, such a list would be impossible to maintain. Also, anyone that offers current job openings along with a book, website, etc. is a scam. I tried very, very hard to get this information from the cruise lines. No way. They do not need to distribute it. They have enough applicants on file that it would be a waste of their time.
Number 2...
Paying someone to mail or email your application package to the cruise lines. Your correspondence will get a lot more attention if it is mailed individually rather than along with a stack of others. The appearance of your materials is extremely important.
...and the Number 1 way to waste your time looking for a cruise ship job...
Not reading my E-book. Sorry to sound like a commercial again but ship jobs are competitive. Since not all jobs are hired by the cruise line, it can get a little complicated. You need to learn the process and priorities of the industry in order to compete.

Career Opportunities - Royal Caribbean International

Career Opportunities - Royal Caribbean International

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Carnival Cruise

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Entertainment on Board NCL

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Norwegian Pearl NCL Crew Area

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Human Relations

Human Relations

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